Resilience & Networking Package

Above and beyond a straightforward training course, an Executive MBA is an experiential journey, aimed at enabling you to discover your own value and providing the tools for you to excel in your career in the immediate term, as well as in the future.

The Covid-19 emergency has forced us to reformulate which are our current challenges and needs, both professional and personal − but this is no longer impeding our desire for growth, and that is why we have enhanced the EMBA 2021 offer from multiple points of view in order to support all MIP students at this delicate moment in time and to facilitate in all possible ways the generation of value for participants.

Amplifying career benefits and networking opportunities

  • In order to extend career advancement opportunities we have increased the number of EMBA interviews, developing new partnerships with industry-leading head-hunting companies
  • To facilitate the achievement of your goals at work or to meet any professional retraining needs in the current historic situation, we have extended Career Development services to one year beyond the end of the Master program, increasing the opportunities for meeting both one-2-many (such as workshops, seminars and networking events) and one-2-one;
  • Beyond professional growth, we want to support the personal growth of our students. As never before, the benefits of having a qualified coach at your side have proved to be extremely valuable and essential for overcoming specific problems: therefore, we have decided to support the financing of one-2-one personal coaching projects by establishing a plan to facilitate access to these services.

In-depth analysis of the main challenges of the current global scenario

  • While on the one hand, the emergency has forced us to distance ourselves, on the other it has enabled us to fully understand the potential of technological innovation, amplifying the potential of Digital in our daily lives: we have therefore decided to allow all candidates to decide for themselves, in peace of mind, whether to participate in the lessons via the Distance Learning format (whether the activity can be attended remotely)or in person (if allowed);
  • A leader of change must now be able to rely on a solid basis of soft skills, resilience, and personal development, and in this regard, we have included plenty of experiential activities in the curriculum, aimed at developing these skills and modelled on the special nature of modern-day needs;
  • Risk Management, Resilience and Sustainability are at the heart of global dynamics: full awareness of the levers that govern these patterns has become indispensable and for this reason, EMBA participants will be able to explore these themes during dedicated seminars, designed by companies and with companies;
  • At MIP, we strongly believe in the value of continuous education and the importance of the community: we have therefore decided to increase training opportunities beyond the length of the study course, giving our alumni the possibility of access to a maximum of 2 new elective courses offered by the school for the two years following graduation, as well as the opportunity to reinvest 15% of the value of the Master in MIP Management Academy courses for the same period. You are purchasing two years of education, but can study for four.

Financial support to facilitate investment in your individual growth with peace of mind

The economic aspect must not be an obstacle to aspiration; now, more than ever, we need new leaders who, thanks to their mindset, are able to create a better future for everyone.

We have therefore developed a range of concessions to help sustain expenses and break down the practical constraints of evaluating the course, both in terms of personal investment and of corporate sponsorship:

Personal investment

  • A 5% reduction in the cost of the course for payment of the entire fee before the start of the Master
  • An increase in the options for financing the Master
  • The possibility of customised instalments tailored to the needs of the individual student

Corporate sponsorship

  • For 2021, companies that intend to sponsor their employees can, if they wish, start paying the fee from 2022, with extremely flexible and customised payment plans.