New ‘Chess & Corporate Strategy’ programme launched by MIP Politecnico di Milano

Due to the incredible success of the Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, the game of chess has surged in popularity again recently, and MIP Politecnico di Milano is a business school that is joining this phenomenon by creating a brand newChess & Corporate Strategy’ programme.

Recognizing the true value of strategy involved in the game of chess, this programme that is aimed at business professionals and managers who want to improve their skills in strategic thinking and decision-making.

The aim of the course is to develop problem solving skills, especially in times of extreme uncertainty and disruption, through the parallelism with the tactical game of chess.

The game of chess is considered to be a prime paradigm of strategic thinking, where a player must make in-depth analyses of multiple scenarios, plans, and possible moves, as well as manage the psychological aspects of the opponent” says Luca Desiata, Director of the course.

The course will integrate content from various fields such as game theory, the comparison between artificial intelligence and human strategic thinking, and the foundations of leadership – all themes that intersect both with the game of chess and with business strategies.

Starting in June 2021, the course will be taught entirely online and in English, and will ultimately improve negotiation skills, as well as giving participants a better understanding of the founding traits of leadership all based on chess champions’ experiences.

This innovative course further highlights MIP Politecnico di Milano’s commitment to providing advanced educational offerings for those who want to adapt and progress in an ever-changing business environment.