LinkedIn: The New Channel of the School of Management

A new channel dedicated exclusively to providing valuable content, information, and networking opportunities for professors, professionals, and management enthusiasts worldwide.


The School of Management (SOM) at Politecnico di Milano is thrilled to announce the launch of its new LinkedIn page today.

The page will be an essential channel to showcase the activities of the School of Management, complementing and integrating what is being shared by the new pages of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering and POLIMI Graduate School of Management on their respective areas of interest.

We will share innovative academic research, insights, trend analyses shaping an ever-evolving future; promote conferences, seminars, and other events providing exceptional chances for networking and learning; and inform about new training opportunities in the field of management.

Through the new channel, we aim to create a dynamic dialogue that enriches our community and promotes the exchange of innovative ideas.


To stay updated and interact with the activities of the School of Management, follow us here: POLIMI School of Management