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Delegate of the Rector for Budget and Management Control

Cristina Masella is a full professor at Politecnico di Milano, where she teaches Business Administration. She is member of the Academic Senate and Rector’s Delegate for Budget and Control. She is member of the Board of Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome and of the Assessment Board of IULM University. She has been Director of the Department of Management Engineering (2010-2016), Vice President of the Polimi Graduate School of Management (2015-2017). She has been appointed by Lombardy Region as a Member of the Commission that selected the CEO of Health Public companies (twice 2018 and 2015) and as a member of the expert commission for the Health Regional Reform (2013-2017).


Master of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Academic course held at SOM

Economia e Organizzazione Aziendale C

Impresa e Decisioni Strategiche

Economia e Organizzazione Aziendale C

Impresa e Decisioni Strategiche

Economia e Organizzazione Aziendale C

Impresa E Decisioni Strategiche

Economia e Organizzazione Aziendale C

Impresa e Decisioni Strategiche

Impresa e decisioni strategiche

Economia e organizzazione aziendale c

Impresa e decisioni strategiche

Impresa e decisioni strategiche

Economia e organizzazione aziendale a

Economia e organizzazione aziendale a

Economia e organizzazione aziendale a

Management sanitario


Executive Education



My research interests are related to the management of technological and organizational innovations in Healthcare. Topics of investigation are: patients flow, organization of surgical blocks, evaluation of health technologies (HTA) with a focus on the evaluation of telemedicine services, administrative databases as sources of data for organizational research, impact of ICT on the organization of services with a specific focus on networks for chronic diseases, deepening the role of patient empowerment and co-production models in service production; patient experience as a source of organizational innovation. Collaboration with health organizations is a key feature of the research activities

Relevant Publications

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