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Elisa Negri is Senior Assistant Professor in the Manufacturing Group of the Politecnico di Milano at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering. She pursued her education as Industrial Engineer at Politecnico di Milano, achieving her PhD degree in December 2016. She has various international experiences from the Bachelor level (Double degree with Tongji University – Shanghai – PRC) to the Doctoral level. She is now focussing her research on smart manufacturing and digital technologies for manufacturing, spanning from the data modelling for the manufacturing systems to the advanced simulation, to support production planning and control activities. She has been and ...


PHD: Management Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Master of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Bachelor of Science: Mechanical and production Engineering, Politecnico di Milano. Machine design and their automation, Tongji University.

Academic course held at SOM

Gestione degli Impianti Industriali

Gestione degli Impianti Industriali

Gestione degli Impianti Industriali

Gestione degli Impianti Industriali

Operations Management in the Food Industry

Modelling and Data Analysis of Complex Systems

Modelling and Data Analysis of Complex Systems


Specializing Masters


The research activities and projects by Elisa Negri relate to the impact on production planning and control of smart manufacturing and the digital technologies of the Industry 4.0. In particular: - from the planning side, she is interested in new approaches for scheduling and new uses of simulation of production systems, especially related to the Digital Twin paradigm. - From the control side, in addition to analysing the benefits brought by Digital Twins, she investigates the open automation paradigm and its relation to the MES systems, in this way focussing on topics related to ICT for manufacturing. Moreover, she is interested in understanding the production benefits brought by the use of innovative data models and structures, such as ontologies, applied both to the planning side and to the control side of the production planning and control cycle.

Relevant Publications

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  • Member of the IFAC TC 5.1 , 01/11/2020 - to date
  • Academic Responsible for Mobility (Outgoing Students to Spain and Portugal) , 01/01/2021 - to date
  • Guest-Editor of the Special Issue "Digital Twins for Smart Production and Logistics" in the International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing

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