Emilio Bartezzaghi

Core Faculty | Emeritus Professor

Short Profile outline

Emilio Bartezzaghi is a Professor of Organizational Systems. He held positions as Director of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, head of the PhD Program and President of the Polimi Graduate School of Management. He has been the Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization of Politecnico. He has been a member of the board and Vice-President of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. He has been President of AiIG - Italian Association of Management Engineering and member of the board of EUROMA - European Operations Management Association. He has been Professor of EIASM. He served as President of the University Assessment Commission of the University of Verona.


Master of Science: Electronics Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Academic course held at SOM

Sistemi Organizzativi

Sistemi organizzativi

Sistemi organizzativi

Sistemi organizzativi

Sistemi organizzativi

Sistemi organizzativi

Sistemi organizzativi


His research interests concern the fields of business management and innovation. In particular: in the area of innovation and change management, interactions between digitalization and organizational and managerial innovations; methods and models for organization and process re-design both in industrial companies and in PA (in particular justice); in the area of operations and supply chain management, new organizational and managerial models for production systems; demand and uncertainty management; client-supplier relationships management; in the area of organization and human capital management, new organizational models, competences analysis; training management and evaluation.

Relevant Publications

Ciccullo F.| Cagliano R.| Bartezzaghi G.| Perego A. (2021), "Implementing the circular economy paradigm in the agri-food supply chain: The role of food waste prevention technologies", Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 164

Bartezzaghi E.| Cagliano R.| Canterino F.| Guerci M.| Gilardi S.| Shaba E. (2020), "Joint organizational design 4.0: Revisiting the socio technical principles", CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2789, 110-120

Cagliano R.| Canterino F.| Longoni A.| Bartezzaghi E. (2019), "The interplay between smart manufacturing technologies and work organization: The role of technological complexity", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 39, 913-934

Buganza Tommaso;Kalchschmidt Matteo;Bartezzaghi Emilio;Amabile D., "Measuring the impact of a major project management educational program: The PMP case in Finmeccanica", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT, 31, 285-298

Grants, Awards and Honours

  • EIASM Professor, 30/01/1998 - 31/12/2006
  • ANBAR Citation of Excellence for the article: "The evolution of production models: is a new paradigm emerging?" International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 01/11/1999 - to date
  • Literati Club Award for excellence 2004 for the article:"Internet supporting the procurement process: lessons from four case studies", Integrate Manufacturing Systems, 28/05/2004 - to date
  • Premio GEA/L'impresa 1994 for the article "Tecnologie più flessibili per i nuovi modelli di impresa", 19/06/1994 - to date

Service to the community

  • President of MIP, 01/01/2000 - 31/05/2004
  • Director of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, 01/11/1993 - 31/10/2000
  • Programme Director of PhD Programme in Management Engineering, 01/11/1998 - 31/10/1999
  • Programme Director of Master in Ingegneria per la Gestione d'Impresa, 01/10/1984 - 01/10/1988
  • Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization of Politecnico from 01/05/2004 to 31/05/2008
  • Vice President of the Foundation Politecnico di Milano from 01/12/2011 to 30/11/2015. Before (from 01/05/2003) member of the Board.
  • Member of the editorial Team/Board -Springer - Reserch for Development Series
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Member of the editorial Team/Board - International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management
  • Member of the editorial Team/Board - Studi Organizzativi
  • Reviewer for: Production Planning and Control, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production and Operations Management, Studi Organizzativi.

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