Christopher Lorenz Hesselbein

Core Faculty | Junior Assistant Professor

Short Profile outline

Chris Hesselbein received his PhD in Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University. He is an ethnographer who studies how knowledge and technology, both digital and more mundane, are co-constructed with conceptions of social order and self-identity. Chris is particularly interested in exploring how the production and consumption of technoscience inform, and often naturalize/normalize, our understandings of embodiment, materiality, and aesthetics. Other research projects examine how (expert) knowledge is established as (un)authoritative, and how ‘alternative arti/facts’ are enacted on digital platforms through algorithmic processes.


Academic course held at SOM

Diversity Aware Design of Technology Solutions [Mod. 1]

The Social Shaping of Technology

Diversity Aware Design Of Technology [Mod. 1]

The Social Shaping of Technology

The Social Shaping of Technology

Relevant Publications

Hesselbein C. (2021), "Walking the Catwalk: From Dressed Body to Dressed Embodiment", Fashion Theory - Journal of Dress Body and Culture, 25, 367-393

Green D.N.| Du Puis J.L.| Xepoleas L.M.| Hesselbein C.| Greder K.| Pietsch V.| Getman R.R.| Estrada J.G. (2021), "Fashion Exhibitions as Scholarship: Evaluation Criteria for Peer Review", Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 39, 71-86

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