Alessandra Neri

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PHD: Management Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Master of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Bachelor of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Academic course held at SOM

Impianti Meccanici

Impianti Meccanici

Energy Management Lab

Sustainability of Industrial Systems

Relevant Publications

Micheli G.J.L. Cagno E. Neri A. Cieri E., "Non-safety costs: A novel methodology for an ex-ante evaluation", Safety Science, 133

Cagno E. Neri A. Howard M. Brenna G. Trianni A., "Industrial sustainability performance measurement systems: A novel framework", Journal of Cleaner Production , 230, 1354-1375

Trianni A. Cagno E. Neri A. Howard M., "Measuring industrial sustainability performance: Empirical evidence from Italian and German manufacturing small and medium enterprises", Journal of Cleaner Production, 229, 1355-1376

Neri A. Cagno E. Di Sebastiano G. Trianni A, "Industrial sustainability: Modelling drivers and mechanisms with barriers", Journal of Cleaner Production, 194, 452-472

Cagno E. Neri A. Trianni A., "Broadening to sustainability the perspective of industrial decision-makers on the energy efficiency measures adoption: some empirical evidence", Energy Efficiency, 11, 1193-1210

Trianni A. Cagno E. Neri A., "Modelling barriers to the adoption of industrial sustainability measures", Journal of Cleaner Production, 168, 1482-1504

Grants, Awards and Honours

  • Premio Fondazione Ing. Luigi De Januario - 2019 Miglior tesi su tematiche di impiantistica industriale

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