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Daniele Siena is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Politecnico di Milano and a professor of Economics at Polimi GSOM. He previously worked as a research Economist at the Monetary Policy and the International Macro Divisions of Banque de France. He is also an Adjunct Professor at HEC Lausanne and Università Cattolica di Milano. Daniele has a PhD in Economics from Università Bocconi and a MSc in Economics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. His research interest are macroeconomics, monetary/fiscal policy and international economics.


PHD: Economics, Unviversità Bocconi.

Master of Science: Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Università Cattolica di Milano.

Bachelor of Science: Economia delle Imprese e dei Mercati, Università Cattolica di Milano.

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Academic course held at SOM

Economia 2 (Macroeconomia)

Economia 2 (Macroeconomia)

Economia 2 (Macroeconomia)


Macroeconomics, International Economics, Monetary economics

Relevant Publications

Tommaso Monacelli Luca Sala Daniele Siena, "Real Interest Rates and Productivity in Small Open Economies", Journal of International Economics, 103746

Daniele Siena Riccardo Zago, "Employment protection legislation matters for the Phillips Curve", Economics Letters, 220, 110883

Daniele Siena, "The euro area periphery and imbalances: Is it an Anticipation Story?", Review of Economic Dynamics, 40, 278-308

Laurent Ferrara Luca Metelli Filippo Natoli and Daniele Siena , "Questioning the puzzle: fiscal policy, real exchange rate and inflation", Journal of International Economics, 133, 103524

David Lodge Daniele Siena et al, "The implications of globalisation for the ECB monetary policy strategy", ECB Occasional Paper, 263

Sven Steinkamp and Frank Westermann - Ester Faia Daniele Siena, "Comment to The Role of Creditor Seniority in Europe’s Sovereign Debt Crisis", Economic Policy, 29, 79

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Service to the community

  • Banque de France, 01/07/2013 - 31/08/2021
  • Referee Activity: Journal of the European Economic Association, Journal of International Economics, Review of Economic Dynamics, Journal of Development Economics, European Economic Review, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Economic Policy, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Energy Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Journal of Financial Intermediation, International Journal of Forecasting, Oxford Economic Papers, Journal of Macroeconomics, Economic Modelling, Scottish Journal of Political Economy; SN Business and Economics, Economics Bulletin, Eurasian Economic Review, Economics – The Open-Access Open-Assessment E-Journal
  • Conference Organization: CEPR ESSIM 2022; Workshop on Macroeconomics, AMSE-BdF, 2022; CEPR ESSIM 2021; Workshop on Macroeconomics, AMSE-BdF, 2021; CEPR ESSIM 2020 (cancelled); Workshop on Macroeconomics, AMSE-BdF, 2020; Workshop on Alternative Dataset for Macro analysis and Monetary policy, Bocconi – BdF, 2019; Workshop on Macro-Trade, Paris School of Economics and Banque de France, 2019; Workshop on International Macroeconomics, AMSE-BdF, 2019 – Econbrowser.com (blog post) ; Workshop on Policy Spillovers, AMSE-BdF, 2018; Central Bank Macroeconomic Modelling Workshop on Policy Coordination, BdF, 2017; Workshop on Heterogeneity in International Economics, AMSE-BdF, 2017; Workshop on International Business Cycles, Banque de France, 2016; Workshop on Recent Developments in Exchange Rate Economics, BdF-SciencesPo, 2015

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