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«Covid hasn’t stopped us: here’s why we enrolled at MIP»

The current situation could have generated doubts about the wisdom of confirming one’s course enrolment. That didn’t happen: three students tell us why. Among their motivations, the effectiveness of digital learning, the solidity of social networking and the desire to study with colleagues from around the world.

The Covid-19 emergency caused a general global slowdown, but didn’t stop the education sector, which quickly converted to digital formats. And if on one hand MIP Politecnico di Milano didn’t interrupt its services, on the other its students haven’t stopped either, despite the situation underway they have confirmed the desire to follow the courses they enrolled in. Indeed, in some cases, forced work stops have even made the choice simpler. At the most, doubts could have involved the topicality of the contents: would they have stood up in the face of the changes brought on by the pandemic?

The importance of truly digital contents

A week of courses was enough to dispel this fear, as Micaela Long, enrolled in the Flex EMBA and based in Basel, tells us: «I had decided to follow this programme because of the solidity of its contents and the elasticity in delivery methods, which were well suited to my work and family routine. A few days were enough for me to understand that flexibility is also a characteristic of the contents: all the issues that we are addressing, we are also looking at by considering the current situation». After a week, the balance is positive, also as far as the impact of digital learning is concerned: «Working in a corporate role in a pharmaceutical multinational, I was already used to online interaction. However, I must say that the Flex EMBA positively surprised me: a lot of the contents are conceived from the start for digital use; they’re not trivial transpositions of classic face-to-face teachings, but are conceived to take advantage of the strengths of digital. The difference, compared to my previous e-learning experiences, is clear. Also because, despite the asynchronous learning mode, MIP has devised mechanisms that create a community, thus completing the educational experience: my colleagues and I constitute a class where there is a continuous exchange between us and the professors», stresses Long.

Social networking also works remotely

Vanessa Ottone, who works for Accenture and follows the course from New York, also saw the current situation as an opportunity to invest in her education: «The pandemic never influenced my decision. Although its economic and financial repercussions will see us facing major challenges, I’m convinced that in the long term, now more than ever, that leaders must show themselves to be resilient and well-rounded. A programme like the EMBA can support me in this direction and prepare me to take advantage of the opportunities that will emerge after the crisis». Like Long, Ottone also had an excellent impression of her first week of online courses: «I’m convinced that a programme like the Flex EMBA, that can count on the best digital instruments now available, can give life to a network of solid relations, generating valuable connections for all participants. After a week of lessons, I have the feeling that the time we spend together in working groups allows us to develop interesting interactions and to establish lasting connections».

The wealth of an international class

He hasn’t yet started his full time MBA programme, but from India civil engineer Pretyush Johari, has confirmed his participation: «Certainly, I had doubts on my enrolment, also in light of eventual logistical difficulties. However, several factors led me to not back out. Starting from the richness of the study programme, so well-structured and suited to my work and educational background. But the positive comments of some of my acquaintances, both with regards to MIP and to Italy, also had a strong influence. The prospect of joining a class made up of people of different nationalities, coming from around the world and able to contribute different and innovative points of view, is absolutely tempting, because I’m convinced that we can learn a lot from each other. Finally, I can’t wait to try my hand with project work, where I will be able to give shape to my ideas, also thanks to the skills that I will have fine-tuned during the master’s».


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