The Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering in a new guise

After 9 months of renovations, the building in via Lambruschini in Milan is now ready to welcome again the community of the School of Management with completely renovated spaces.
The cutting of the ribbon, together with the Department Director prof. Alessandro Perego, was attended by Prof. Donatella Sciuto, Vice Rector and prof. Emilio Faroldi, Deputy Rector of Politecnico di Milano.


The new spaces of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering located in the Bovisa Campus of the Politecnico di Milano were inaugurated a few days ago.

Designed on the basis of innovative usage concepts, the new environments are characterized by better lighting, energy saving systems and a biophilic approach. In particular, they have been designed to stimulate exchange and sharing thanks to a greater availability of common areas with different functions and a highly integrated technological service.

The project aimed at both individual well-being and at favoring the encounter allowing great flexibility of use.

The Department moved to the Bovisa Campus in 2009, when the university made available some new buildings following the renovation of the gasometers area. The historic campus of Piazza Leonardo da Vinci was in fact in need of new spaces due to the increase in the number of students, as well as teaching and administrative staff and the project allowed the relocation of some Departments from Città Studi to the North part of the city.

After more than 10 years in Bovisa, the Department decided to renovate not only due to the increase in the number of researchers, but also to adapt to new working habits that in recent years have become more digital, flexible and collaborative.

The Bovisa area was rebuilt following an international competition launched in 1998 by the Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with local authorities (Municipality of Milan and Regione Lombardia).
And now time has come to complete that project started out of a vision of 30 years ago, with the creation of a university citadel whose construction should start by the end of 2022: forty thousand square meters that will become green, the two gasometers transformed into an innovation center hosting companies and two hundred start-ups, and in a four-storey wellness and sports center open to the whole city.


Photo gallery of the inauguration event

Credit: Matteo Bergamini, © Lab Immagine Design POLIMI
Dipartimento di DESIGN, Politecnico di Milano

The new spaces

A G.I.F.T. for children: engineering and social research to ensure that sport really is for everyone

For a child with a motor disability, sport is synonymous with social exclusion and discomfort. This is contrary to the common understanding, namely that sport paves the way for social inclusion. As such, it is an urgent matter to ensure that sport no longer means social exclusion for children with motor disabilities. This is the ambitious goal of the multidisciplinary research project “enGIneering For sporT for all” (GIFT), one of the winners of the Polisocial Award – 2019 Edition, the annual competition promoted by the Politecnico di Milano geared towards social responsibility, whose key topic this year was sport and social inclusion.

The GIFT project will focus on hemiplegic children attending primary school. This, however, is merely the starting point: the intention is, over time and with further funding, to cover most motor and cognitive disabilities so that sport truly can be for everyone.

The project will focus on two areas of research. One will be technological research with a view to developing innovative orthoses which, by correcting the functional deficit of hemiplegic children, will allow them to start to take part in sports. The other component will be social research, involving families, primary school teachers and sports associations so that these children can start to get involved in earnest, reducing the chasm that currently exists between those labelled “abled” and “disabled”.

The research project – lasting 18 months and coordinated by Prof. Manuela Galli from the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering –was the brainchild of the Engineering For Sport (E4Sport) Interdepartmental Laboratory at the Politecnico di Milano, established thanks to the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering – and it will benefit from the involvement of leading partners including the La Nostra Famiglia Association – IRCCS “Eugenio Medea”, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, ITOP, BTS, Math & Sport, Edumoto, Yuki Onlus and various sports associations.

The Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering will be on the front lines, dealing with the evaluation of the social and economic impact generated by the GIFT project by developing a specific methodology that allows them to measure the “value” generated by sports and sports-related activities. The hope is that this methodology will be applicable to the sports ecosystem as a whole, as well as the various actors therein, e.g. sports associations, amateur clubs, large professional clubs and leagues.

Understanding how sports and sports-related activities generate value for society and for the economic-productive system is a priority nowadays in the approach of promoting a radical change of perspective, recognising that sports and sports-related activities are not just fun, but rather an important investment – that must be understood and supported – for the wellbeing of society as a whole and its competitiveness over time,” explains Emanuele Lettieri, Full Professor of Accounting, Finance & Control and project manager of the GIFT project, “and it is not surprising that important institutions such as UEFA, FIGC and CONI have launched a number of projects in this vein, considering the measure of the value created by sports and sports-related activities to be a crucial piece of information for developing new policies and initiatives. And the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering is committed to making its contribution, together with the E4Sport Interdepartmental Laboratory”.