Entrepreneurs as Scientists: From Popperian Principles to Feyerabendian Freedom




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Henrik Berglund
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden



This paper extends the popular metaphor of ‘entrepreneurs as scientists’ by moving beyond Popperian falsificationism. This is done by relating the practice if entrepreneurship, as well as contemporary entrepreneurship theories, to the accounts of science proposed by Thomas Kuhn, Imre Lakatos, and Paul Feyerabend. Basing our understanding of entrepreneurship on a richer and more diverse account if science will enrich our understanding of entrepreneurship as a rigorous practice, inspire new entrepreneurship theory, and hopefully lead to new entrepreneurial methods.


Henrik Berglund is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Chalmers University of Technology and founding Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Business Venturing Design. His research increasingly focuses on conceptualizing strategy, innovation, and especially entrepreneurship as artifact-centered design processes. Such work has been published both in field journals, such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, and general management journals, such as Academy of Management Review. Henrik has also managed several startup accelerator programs with over 100 startups, consulted with most Swedish university incubators, and facilitated research commercialization workshop as part of several EU projects. In addition to entrepreneurship, he teaches PhD courses in Philosophy of Science and Technology. He has held visiting positions at University of Virginia, University of Oslo, and Stanford University.



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