Human-centric Retail Warehouse Processes: Theory Considerations and Lab Experiences




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Via Lambruschini, 4B 20156 Milano MI

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Building BL26/B – Room 0.19 (ground floor)
Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Via R. Lambruschini, 4/B


Susana Relvas
University of Lisbon, Portugal



Warehousing entails the classical storage of goods supporting manufacturing, distribution or retail. Warehouse Management (WM) is about the careful use of space and time since these are expensive resources. Behind these goals, remains the flexibility of human resources, which still today are of great importance in these supply chain entities.
WM research is blooming – as of December 2023 a total of 36 literature reviews were identified related to the topic, 13 alone published in 2023. Even though the keyword analysis does not reveal the use of “Industry 5.0” or “human factors”, these have been largely discussed in the papers. Human factors appear referred to in contexts related to the increase in automation, collaborative work with robots, well-being or safety.
This lecture will shed light on which challenges for research can be outlined regarding human aspects in WM. To frame the lecture, Susana will bring a brief view of her research group, the new Log.Lab to open 2024 first semester and research results on two topics: “designing the virtual warehouse operator” and “motion-mining in the warehouse context – how to use human learning from warehouse managers to drive technology use success”.


Susana Relvas is Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering and Management (DEG) of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon (UL), Portugal. She obtained her PhD in 2008, Industrial Engineering and Management from IST. She is Vice-President of DEG and coordinator of the Lifelong Learning Programme on Engineering and Management @ Técnico+. Her research interests are Logistics, Operations Management, and Supply Chain Management applied to topics such as Warehousing, Retail Industry, Manufacturing, or Agri-Food Supply Chains, linking to Human-Centred Approaches, Industry 5.0, or Sustainability. She co-coordinates the Log.Lab at IST, to be launched in 2024, focusing on research and teaching in Logistics, centred on innovation and R&D development and strong collaboration with industry. She is currently supervising 3 PhD students and 10 MSc students.



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