Managing and evaluating arts and cultural organizations: mapping the state of the art and possible directions for the future




Inizio: Mar 24 | 12:15 pm

Fine : Mar 24 | 01:45 pm

Lunch Seminars
arts management |
cultural organizations

Via Lambruschini, 4B 20156 Milano MI

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Building BL26/B – Room 0.19 (ground floor)
Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Via R. Lambruschini, 4/B


Martin Piber
University of Innsbruck, Austria



The seminar will address the specific features of management and evaluation in the arts and cultural sector. Especially, the limited relevance of management theories in the area will be addressed and further implications discussed.
On the basis of two case studies, the key dimensions of management (strategizing, organizing, staffing & directing and monitoring & controlling) in cultural organizations are reviewed. First, the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna serves as an example about different paths of strategizing. Strategy will be outlined as an oscillation between strategic targets and visionary practices. Second, the example of the European Capitals of Culture will exemplify the challenges and limitations of evaluations in the sector. Hereby, the role of various stakeholders and their impact will be highlighted. Finally, an outlook also with reference to new technologies and an aesthetic understanding of evaluative practices is given.


Martin Piber is Professor at the Department of Organization and Learning at Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck/Austria. He is and has been teaching in several bachelor, master-, PhD-, and further education programs in Austria, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden. His research and his publications focus on theories and practices of the management of cultural organizations, management control and performance measurement, the relevance of art and culture for society, aesthetics, and business ethics. Among others he was visiting professor at the University of Cape Town, the University of Stockholm and the University of Pavia. He is scientific director of the executive MBA program of the University of Innsbruck at the Center of Science and Training in Bregenz/Austria. Currently he is member of a project team to assess the impact of European Capitals of Culture and member of the steering group for Bodo 2024.



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