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Inizio: Nov 29 | 05:30 pm

Fine : Nov 29 | 07:00 pm

Think International
Bachelor of Science |
Internationalization |
Master of Science

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What does it mean to Think International?
The first step has to be a change in mindset, which we aim to bring about by giving students the chance to know and understand the intrinsic, long-term value of an international experience before they have to take the actual step of choosing among the many opportunities offered by the University.

It is never too soon to start thinking about it. And this is why these events have been organized by the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering for all Bachelor and Master of Science students, in collaboration with professors, students, alumni, and international partners: to help students think strategically with their mind open to the rest of the world, with curiosity and without any kind of prejudice.


Event details

Tuesday, November 29
5.30 pm- 7.00 pm
Online Event


This event aims at highlighting the benefits that will come to Management Engineering students who will decide to spend their study period abroad by enrolling at a partner Business School.

It will be an opportunity to identify and explore the many new partnerships established with top-level programs in the fields of Business, Management, and Economics, throughout Europe. With the help of distinguished guests from partner institutions, such as EM Strasbourg and HEC Liège, Polimi Prof. Stefano Elia will be reflecting on the many opportunities offered to students, from an academic point of view, but not only. The ample and overlapping course offerings are only one of the key features of such an experience!

In the past few years, despite the pandemic, the Intl. Relations Unit has developed exchange opportunities with prestigious and well-ranked institutions, throughout Europe, from France to Poland, from Sweden to Slovenia, from Spain to Denmark, from Belgium to Germany, to Finland, to Austria. Join us for a tour across Europe, be the first one to benefit from the new opportunities, open exclusively to Management Engineering students.


Anne Gillet, Head of International Relations, HEC Liège Management School
Jutta Lankinen, Incoming Exchange Program Manager, Aalto School of Business
Jeanne-Marie Mathieu, International Mobility Programs Coordinator, EM Strasbourg Business School
Stefano Elia, International Relations Unit, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano


For further information, please contact: exchangemanagement-dig@polimi.it

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