Tavola Giacomo

Manufacturing Group

Short Profile outline

I worked for 25 years in ICT (Information Communication Technologies) industry with focus on adoption of advanced ICT to Manufacturing Industry Actively involved in EC (European Commission) initiatives in Working Groups, Research Projects and Projects Evaluation Since 2008 teaching at Politecnico di Milano Design and Management of PRoduction Systems Member of the School of Management - Manufacturing Group as Research Coordinator and in Industry 4.0 Lab with the role of Technology Advisor


Research interests: ICT adoption in advanced manufacturing, AI-Artificial Intelligence, DLT-Distributed Ledger Technologies, IoT, 5G Communication.

Research projects: Qu4lity, Boost.

Research Groups, Labs, Centers: Manufacturing Group

Relevant Publications

Tavola G.; Caielli A.; Taisch M., "An “Additive” Architecture for Industry 4.0 Transition of Existing Production Systems"

Ambra Cala A.; Boschi F.; Tavola G.; Taisch M., "Migration towards digital manufacturing automation - An assessment approach"

Tavola G.; Taisch M.; Boschi F., "A standard approach to production systems modelling based on Finite State Automata"

Boschi F. Zanetti C.; Tavola G.; Taisch M., "Functional Requirements for Reconfigurable and Flexible Cyber-Physical System"

De Carolis A. Tavola G.; Taisch M., "Cyber-physical systems in manufacturing: Future trends and research priorities"

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