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Andrea Flori is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano. He holds a BSc in Economics of Financial Markets (in 2008) and a MSc in Finance (in 2010) both from the University of Siena and a PhD in Economics (in 2016) from IMT School for Advanced Studies (Lucca) where he also spent one year as a Postdoctoral fellow.


PHD: Economics, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca.

Master of Science: Finance, University of Siena.

Bachelor of Science: Economics of Financial Markets, University of Siena.

Academic course held at SOM

Business Data Analytics

Business Data Analytics

Business Data Analytics

Economia e organizzazione aziendale (per aerospaziali)

Economia e organizzazione aziendale (per aerospaziali)

Finance And Management Of Infrastructure Investments

Management And Finance Of Natural Risks

Finance And Management Of Infrastructure Investments

Management And Finance Of Natural Risks

Management And Finance Of Natural Risks


His research interests include the study of the stability conditions of socio-economic and financial systems, their dynamics and impact appraisal, with a particular focus on the application of econometrics and network theory techniques to systemic risk, complex systems and climate finance.

Relevant Publications

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