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PhD. Full Professor of Design & Management of Industrial Systems. He sits on Technical Board for the Design of the University of Milano Campus in MIND (ex-EXPO) area. He is the Sustainable Manufacturing Section Coordinator of the Lombardy Energy CleanTech Cluster. He is Member of Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) and of UNECE Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency. He was Representative for Italy at the IEA-IETS-Annex XIV, and Member of the Board of IPMA Italy. He promoted and coordinated a number of research and consultancy projects, ranging from strategic to organizational and operational development, for numerous international enterprises, groups and administrations.


PHD: Production system and industrial plants, Università degli Studi di Parma.

Master of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Academic course held at SOM

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Impianti Di Produzione

Impianti Di Produzione (Integr.)

Impianti Di Produzione (Integr.)

Impianti di produzione (integr.)

Impianti di produzione (integr.)

Impianti di produzione (integr.)

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Impianti di produzione (integr.)

Impianti di produzione (integr.)

Impianti di produzione (integr.)

Design and Management of Production Systems

Design And Management Of Production Systems

Design And Management Of Production Systems

Design And Management Of Production Systems

Industrial Eco-Efficiency

Design and management of production systems

Design and management of production systems

Energy management lab [1]

Design and management of production systems

Energy management lab [1]

Design and management of production systems

Design and management of production systems

Design and management of production systems

Sustainability of Industrial Systems

Sustainability of industrial systems

Industrial systems: sustainability and social challenges


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His primary research interests are Sustainability in Industrial Systems (Eco-Efficiency, Energy and Resources Efficiency, and Safety at Work, and their development in Supply Chain perspective) and Risk Analysis & Management (Project Risk Management, Procurement & Supply Risk Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Occupational Safety, System Safety). A particular focus is on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. He serves as associate editor, member of the editorial board and regular referee for several renown international peer-reviewed journals. He is author of more than 380 publications between journal papers, books, book chapters and proceedings. He is listed in the World Top 2% of Scientists in the fields of Enabling & Strategic Technologies; Energy; and Strategic, Defence & Security Studies.

Relevant Publications

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