Giulia Piantoni

Core Faculty | Junior Assistant Professor

Short Profile outline

Giulia Piantoni is a Junior Assistant Professor in management, at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, where she also collaborates as a teching assistant and tutor for the MSc. course of Accounting, Finance and Control and takes part to multi-disciplinary research projects on sustainability and impact assessments. Her main research interests are on innovation ecosystems and districts, sustainability, shared value creation strategies and impact assessments.


Academic course held at SOM

Economia E Organizzazione Aziendale (Per Aerospaziali)


Executive Education

Relevant Publications

Arena M.| Azzone G.| Grecchi M.| Piantoni G. (2021), "How can the waste management sector contribute to overcoming barriers to the circular economy?", Sustainable Development, 29, 1062-1071

Arena M.| Azzone G.| Piantoni G. (2021), "Uncovering value creation in innovation ecosystems: paths towards shared value", European Journal of Innovation Management, 25, 432-451

Arena M.| Azzone G.| Piantoni G. (2020), "Shared value creation during site decommissioning: A case study from the energy sector", Journal of Cleaner Production, 251

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