Managing Mindsets for Higher Performance

What is "Leading with Purpose"?

Leaders today face a unique range of interconnected challenges. A workforce looking for greater meaning and purpose; consumers increasingly choosing brands based on their contribution to society and the way they conduct themselves; a turbulent environment constantly disrupted by innovations blurring the lines between once distinct businesses; environmental concerns challenging the sustainability of existing value creation models; a global pandemic threatening the well-being of humankind. Never before has a combination of both business and societal challenges shown with more clarity the need for heightened leadership abilities.

The concept of ‘Purposeful Leadership’ has emerged as an answer to this need. And indeed, organisations are being called to make a radical shift in defining why they exist and how they do business.

MIP Politecnico di Milano and The Mind at Work have come together to create a unique, insightful Corporate Program to ground participants’ leadership skills on a solid foundation of purpose: a thorough understanding of purpose and how to source it inside the self no matter what the challenges you face, combined with the ability to engage with other human beings in a purposeful way and connect purpose to core business processes related to strategy and innovation. In a nutshell, this new program is designed to help leaders generate remarkable, sustainable performance grounded in authentic values.

Type: Short Course

Tematic Area: People Management & Organization

Length: 3 days (October 21, 22, 23 2021)

Format: Online

Language: English

Fee: 2500€ + VAT


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Email : executive@mip.polimi.it

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This new Course is designed to help leaders generate remarkable, sustainable performance grounded in authentic values.

The Programme is designed for aspiring business leaders longing to develop their leadership skills and learn how to harness the power of purpose to address today’s global challenges, contributing meaningfully to making their teams and organizations – and possibly the society at large – a better place for all. It is designed for big-picture visionaries with a deep learning mindset, and
a willingness to work actively and concretely to make a real-world impact.

We welcome participants of different generations and seniorities, to create a multi-generational group of leaders who are willing to start a journey of personal and collective exploration to develop the quality of leadership
needed to meet the challenges of today’s world.


The course is structured over a 3-days program including 3 immersive and interactive lectures, discussions and excercises with the course Faculty and tutors online.


Day 1. Defining and differentiating purpose

Day 2. Purpose and Others

Day 3. Purpose and Strategy

9 am – 1 pm CET
2 pm – 6 pm CET

Fees & Benefits

Fee: 2500€ + VAT

Early bird discount (20%) for enrolment prior to 30 days before the start of the Course.

Special terms for Companies enrolling 4 or more participants.

MIP has partnered with Flywire to accept payments from international students worldwide: for more information, click here.


The Mind At Work is an independently owned consultancy, established in 2005 and based in London, Milan and Dublin. It serves an international network of clients, spanning multiple business sectors and type of organization including government, family business and multinationals. Its world-class team brings a unique blend of commercial experience and psychological expertise to create sustainable organizational transformation. Their clients are typically leaders and organizations in the process of challenge, change or


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