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Supply Chain Management in Engineer-To-Order contexts

About the project

The focus of the research on Supply Chain Management in the Engineer-To-Order (ETO) ranges from the procurement process, and its strategic value and deployment, to the Configuration of the Supply Chain itself, and the definition of the Order Fulfilment Strategy. The main topics encompass risk and sustainability, modularity and coordination between design and supply chain management. Research has covered so far different ETO industries: from Construction and Oil&Gas, to machinery.

Researcher team:  Enrico Cagno, Roberto Cigolini, Guido J.L. Micheli, Margherita Pero, Yasmine Sabri, Donato Masi (EXT)

Funders: Multiple

Partners: Multiple


Engineer To Order industries present challenges connected to the need to the provide an highly customized product while respecting cost budget and time constraints. Thus the big need for companies to leverage on Supply Chain Management techniques. This research stream aims to address this need. In particular, the research on Supply Chain Management in the Engineer-To-Order (ETO) contexts has developed over the years. From a focus on the procurement process, and its strategic value and deployment, the spectrum of interests has been widened up to the Configuration of the Supply Chain itself, the setting of the relationships with the network of suppliers and the definition of the Order Fulfilment Strategy. The investigated topics tackle the main “hot” issues of the industry: risk management – due to the need to reduce and promptly manage the effect of the variability specific of the sector – , sustainability – due to the high impact on environment and society of ETO industries – , modularity and coordination between design, manufacturing and supply processes – due to the strong interconnection between design and production activities, that are mainly performed concurrently after customer order has arrived – .

The research has been carried out using a wide range of methodologies, and it has covered so far most of the wide spectrum of ETO industries: Construction, Oil and Gas, shipbuilding and machinery.

Main funded Projects

  • Identifying the drivers for excellence within the Engineering, Procurement  & Construction Supply Chains: A focus on the main suppliers
  • Investigation on multiple EPC Supply Chains operating in the Oil&Gas: guidelines for a competitiveness increase


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Fondazione De Januario; ANIMP – Associazione Nazionale di Impiantistica Industriale, ANIMA  – Federazione delle Associazioni Nazionali dell’Industria Meccanica Varia ed Affine, and ANIE – Federazione Nazionale delle Imprese Elettrotecniche ed Elettroniche, Autostrada del Brennero spa, Anas spa, Efeso srl, Ministero della Sviluppo Economico (bando Industria 2015), EXPO 2015 spa


  • Cardiff University (Dr. Jonathan Gosling)
  • TUM (Dr. Martin Stößlein)
  • Aalborg university (Prof. Kjeld Nielsen)
  • Krannert School of Management – Purdue University (prof. Ananth V. Iyer, Dr. Olga Senicheva)


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