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MBA programs: what’s new

For our MBA and Executive MBA programs, 2019 promises to be a particularly innovative year: the courses we are offering have actually been revolutionised to follow five main strands: innovation, personalisation, digitalisation, soft skills and the ecosystem.

With the aim of placing a greater emphasis on topics such as innovation and digital transformation, the curriculum of our MBA programs has been completely redesigned, adding new courses such as Design Thinking, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup and Entrepreneurial Finance.

Our range of Elective courses has also been expanded, with a 30% growth in the number of courses on offer compared to past editions. This makes it even easier to customise the pathway, which is now all the more adaptable to our students’ aspirations and professional needs.

There is also great news for anyone interested in Digital Transformation: this specialisation can be attained by taking part in the Silicon Valley study tour, a Management Boot Camp or an Elective Major of your choice on the subject.

It is not only the variety of content that is innovative, however, but also the way it is put to use. Since the launch of the first Flex EMBA, digital learning has played an ever greater role in MIP’s range of courses. The new editions of the MBA and the Executive MBA are based on a revamped, revolutionary digital learning platform.

In addition – even after the course is over – students will have access to a new library of multimedia clips, with 100 hours of lectures and 850 quick-view videos produced by the MIP faculty.
This promises to be an excellent tool to be used during the Master and ensuing years for following up on key concepts or reviewing opinions in the light of new work experiences.
Furthermore, in order to continue growing even after the MBA has been achieved, all students on the new editions of the courses, as well as alumni, will have the opportunity to access FLEXA – our new continuous learning platform, based on Artificial Intelligence and developed in partnership with Microsoft.

With such a wide offering as this, the soft skills are, of course, given due attention. In fact, with the new edition, more space is dedicated to the Leadership Program, which, through the testimony of managers of large companies such as Moleskine and Groupe Edmond de Rothschild, enlightens the class with various examples of leadership from the perspective of leaders, top managers and entrepreneurs.

Finally, in addition to the program, the whole student environment is also important. MIP, in fact, has dual fundamental links – on the one hand, with the Politecnico di Milano and on the other with the  entrepreneurial fabric constituted primarily by MIP’s partners. These strong connections enable the integration of academic know-how and the whole ecosystem of the institution’s laboratories, research centres and observatories with the strong involvement of the business world; firms have extensive involvement in the program, both by giving testimonies on campus and by welcoming students in person on company visits.


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