MEGMI – Master Executive in Gestione degli Asset Industriali e della Manutenzione

The master for professionals in Asset Management

For more than 15 years the Master in Industrial Asset Management and Maintenance (meGMI) has been forming professionals in Asset Management and its main aim is to keep and improve the value and the competitiveness of the companies in which they operate. The meGMI, national reference point about Asset Managers training, is jointly promoted by MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business and by SdM – Scuola di alta formazione University of Bergamo. The Course ranks in the first place in the EdUniversal Best Masters Ranking in “Industrial and Operations Management”.

Where: Dalmine (Bergamo, Italy)

Language: Italian

Format: Part-time

Kickoff : November 2021

Duration: 18 moths

Fee: € 16.000 + € 500 Politecnico di Milano entry fee

Phone : +39 035 20 52 385; +39 320 8308791
Email : megmi@mip.polimi.it


The Master meGMI is addresses at managers and professionals working in the area of industrial asset management and maintenance, infrastructural systems and related service providers.

The main aim is training competences and know how in the industrial asset management, ranking from technical level to management and economic level. Another important aim is to educate maintenance manager, technical services manager and industrial asset management who, in addition to possessing adequate technical skills, are able to manage the maintenance processes and the life-cycle of industrial assets in management terms, governing the impact that maintenance and asset management have on the rest of the organization, on its business aims and on the resulting processes of continuous improvement.


The Master in Industrial Asset Management (meGMI) is in the first place in the 2021 EdUniversal Best Masters Ranking in “Industrial and Operations Management”.

The three main criteria used by EdUniversal are: didactics programme reputation, wage of the firt work after the graduation, students’ satisfaction.


The meGMI represents a unique opportunity for companies that have decided to invest on high potential employees, for the following reasons:

  • Part-time format and a modular structure which minimizes absence to work;
  • Customization of the on the job activities, called maintenance bootcamp, used for a focus analysis on relevant topics for each companies;
  • Through the “learning by doing”, the participants will be able to apply all the skills learning, becoming motivators for change and innovation;
  • Possibility to get in touch with other participants from different companies and business reality, increasing the comparison of the maintenance best practices.

The employment expectations of the Master's degree are expected in different areas: medium - high level of corporate management, professional consulting roles, technical - managerial roles in industry and in companies that offer engineering services and maintenance services with global responsibilities on the functional performance of assets.

Project work

The Project Work is an interdisciplinary project realized by each participant with the support of one academic tutor and one company tutor. The final dissertation will be presented to the academic committee at the end of the Master.


The aim of the Executive Master is to provide high levels of learning by each participants.

During the course, the Faculty will monitor the progress of the participants through formal and informal feedbacks. The classroom-taught modules will be associate to the “on-the job activities”, called Maintenance Bootcamp, used to apply in their own work context, the skills and the competences learning during the Course.

This type of methodology allows the participants to immediately validate and apply the acquired  competences, through a consulting relationship between academic tutors and also the companies will join a first direct feedback.

The acquisition of credits is ruled by tests, consisting in development and discussion of business cases and “on-the job activities”.  The evaluation of this tests will also include a judgement of analysis and synthesis skills, leadership, design skills and spirit of initiative.

meGMI includes three macro areas: General Training, Asset Management Training and Managerial Training.

MIP, School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, and AICQ-SICEV jointly promote Certification program of maintenance personnel according with the European standard EN 15628:2014 “Qualification of maintenance personnel”.

Based on this standard, the certification of the maintenance organization involves the assessment of knowledge, skills and competencies necessary according to three levels: Maintenance Technician specialist, Supervisor / Engineer of Maintenance and Manager Maintenance.

The attendance of the entire course allow to obtain the certification of Maintenance Manager. The only frequency of the General Area and Asset Management Area allows to obtain the certification of Supervisor / Engineer of Maintenance.

The duration of the Executive Master Industrial Asset Management and Maintenance is 18 months, beginning in November with a summer break during the month of August. To ensure better compatibility between work and training, the lessons are provided monthly in cycle of three days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To obtain the title of Executive Master is required to attend at least 80% of the hours scheduled.

Participation is limited and subordinated to pass a tests, written assessment plus an interview, to evaluate the general and specific preparation, motivations, attitude to attend the Course and the qualification held. The admission of candidates with a secondary school certificate may be considered, after an evaluation of the individual professional experiences. This candidates will achieve the Executive Diploma in Industrial Asset Management and Maintenance.

The Faculty, of absolute relevance, includes professors and experts from Politecnico di Milano and University of Bergamo, from other Italian and foreign universities, from industrial world and consulting companies.

“As promoters of this Master, we are optimist that we will able to respond to the need of  production and services companies to acquire managerial figures with high level in the Industrial Asset and Maintenance Area. With this spirit and these motivations, we are so glade to invite who are most sensitive to the future of their professional development.” – Proff. Sergio Cavalieri and Marco Macchi

    Since 2005 SdM has been involved in training, research and consulting in the fild of management, applied in different areas. Meeting point between academic and professional resources have a numerous experiences in collaborations with the most prestigious companies at national and internationa level.
    Founded in 1979 like a Consorzio between Politecnico di Milano and many  istitutions and companies, is the Business School of Politecnico di Milano. From over 30 years is one of the most prestigious training institution in managerial area.


Status applications: OPEN   Next intake: November 2021

meGMI is aimed at managers and professionals working in the area of industrial asset management and maintenance, infrastructure systems and related service providers.
The Master can be attended by all the people graduated as Master of Science or as bachelors. It would be preferable for the admission a degree in engineering or scientific disciplines.

The participation to the Master is subordinated to a selection of all the candidates who have sent their application within the second week of September.

Admission form


The cost of the registration fee is 16.000 €.
The enrolment fee at Politecnico di Milano (500€ for each participant) is not include in the registration fee.
The cost is free VAT.

To promote the development of professional skills in the maintenance area, the Direction of the Master, following an assessment, provides a total or partial contribution for one o more participants who hold a role related to the maintenance area (with the exception of the enrollment fee at Politecnico di Milano).

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