GBS Service Management

Why this course today?

  • The GBS Service Management course essentially provides the framework to professionally manage shared services like a business.  It provides the framework, standards and process training to manage all aspects of defining a clear service, pricing and benchmarking, creating strategies and innovation plans, and commercializing the Service.

Will give you the tools for:

  • Service Fundamentals and landscape assessment
  • Service design and Ideal State
  • Service Strategy and Stakeholder management

Type: Short Course

Tematic area: Digital Transformation; People Management & Leadership

When: October 2020

Length: 12 hours

Format: online

Language: English

Fee: 2.000€ + IVA

Marketing & Recruitment
Tel : 02 2399 4874
Email :

Topics you will face during course

  • Service Management concepts and design fundamentals, Service Management Framework, Service Landscape Assessment
  • Client and User definition and segmentation (Client and User Journey, Kano Analysis), Service Charter (Service Objective, Value and Benefits definition, System Diagram), Service Scorecard
  • Service Strategy (Where to play and how to win, Service Portfolio), Service Relationship Management (Joint Business planning, Communication and Commercialization), Cost Modelling and Chargeback

Case histories
Procter & Gamble Global Business Services
Walmart Global Business Services

Testimonials (Co/Speaker)
Filippo Passerini – Former Group President GBS & CIO, P&G
Yazdi Bagli – Senior Vice President, GBS, Walmart

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