QS Online MBA Rankings 2022: MIP Politecnico di Milano is eleventh in the world with the International Flex MBA

The School of Management of Politecnico di Milano confirms its inclusion in the rankings promoted by QS Quacquarelli Symonds dedicated to online MBA courses.

MIP Politecnico di Milano, the Graduate School of Business which is part of the School of Management of the Milanese University, is ranked 11th worldwide among the best business schools in the field of online MBAs according to the QS Online MBA Rankings 2022.

The International Flex MBA was the first smart learning MBA launched in Italy in 2014, based on one of the most advanced digital learning platforms in the world, developed on Microsoft technology.

Since 2018, it has featured in the renowned Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) classification, which every year evaluates the quality of the courses delivered remotely around the world. This year, the competition involved a broader panel of Business Schools: the number of Schools rated rose from 57 to 72 worldwide.

In the words of Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini, respectively President and Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano: “We are happy with our confirmed presence in the rankings and the excellent positioning achieved again this year, despite the entry of new schools. Since we launched the first edition of our International Flex MBA in 2014, we have continued to work on improving the quality of distance teaching and learning.”

From an analysis of the individual parameters on which the rankings are based, it emerges that MIP has distinguished itself because of the range of courses it offers. In particular, the placing of the International Flex MBA excels in the Faculty & Teaching parameter, where it is fourth worldwide. With respect to Class Experience (percentage of activities carried out in person, flexibility/online accessibility, technical support), it ranks seventh, while on the employability of the participants it is in twentieth place.

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International MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano in world top 100

91st in the world for the International Master in Business Administration at the Milan-based university’s School of Management in the most recent Financial Times Global MBA Ranking. This MBA is second in Europe among business schools linked to technical universities.

MIP Politecnico di Milano, the Graduate School of Business at Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management, again confirms its competitiveness on the international stage, receiving further major recognition. MIP’s International Full-time MBA, one of the Business School’s flagship programmes and a strategic step in advancing the career of middle and senior managers, is rated among the best 100 Masters in Business Administration in the world. According to the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, published today, MIP’s International MBA is ranked 91st globally. Looking only at the ranking of business schools linked to a technical university, MIP is in second place, immediately after Imperial College Business School (UK).

In the words of Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini, President and Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano, respectively: “For a growing number of students across the world, our Full-time Master in Business Administration is the launching pad towards a high-flying career. The exceptional quality of our educational programme is recognised in the authoritative Financial Times classification, underlining what we have always believed in: choosing an MBA today is decisive for the professional growth of company leaders”.

Among its strengths that helped MIP enter the FT ranking are the participants’ substantial increase in salary. In the categories relating to career progress, the percentage rise in average salary three years after completing the MBA has climbed from 76% to 94%, compared to last year’s figures. In the category value for money, PoliMI’s Business School is 6th in the world.

Looking at other criteria, international mobility scored highly; this considers the students’ nationality and the location where they worked before taking our MBA, immediately afterwards and then again three years later. MIP’s 28th place confirms the excellent quality of its alumni, acknowledged both nationally and internationally.

MIP is placed in the upper half of the classification in another criterion that is rapidly gaining importance, especially for the only School in Europe that has achieved its B Corp accreditation. MIP is 30th in the world for the percentage of training hours covering topics relating to CSR (ethics, green issues, social responsibility) and ESG (environmental, social and governance) out of the total number of teaching hours (ESG teaching).

MIP’s two most senior professors concluded by saying: “In a dynamic market that faces new challenges every day, companies must be guided by managers equipped with the best skills to ensure that their business is competitive, and that their employees are motivated and can grow professionally and personally. Gaining a diploma issued by a business school of excellence, one of the few boasting the three main international accreditations, can certainly be the spur to invest in one’s future”.

MIP’s educational portfolio of excellence covers about 40 Masters, including 7 MBAs and Executive MBAs, 200 open executive programmes and a series of training programmes customised for companies. MIP’s International Full-time MBA is a 12-month programme, where participants spend the last three months working on a project. The courses are organised into pillars, covering the central topics, and into more vertical specialisation courses.

Financial Times: il MIP Politecnico di Milano is placed second in Europe among business schools belonging to technical univerisities

MIP Politecnico di Milano, part of the university’s School of Management, has bettered its position in the FT European Business School Rankings 2021

MIP Politecnico di Milano, the Graduate School of Business at Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management, has again this year improved its position at the upper echelons of business schools in Europe.

According to the Financial Times European Business Schools Ranking 2021, published today, MIP has climbed to second place in Europe among the best business schools belonging to a technical university (Politecnico di Milano) bettered only by Imperial College Business School (UK). Last year, it was in third place. The confirmation of MIP’s excellent educational offer is highlighted in its improved position in the general ranking, where the Milan-based business school is 37th out of the 95 classified.

In the words of Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini, President and Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano, respectively: “Being in the apex zone of this classification of business schools that are part of a European technical university is a recognition of the effectiveness of our work and investment over this complex period to ensure the continuity of our offer. Rankings are certainly a key element that managers turn to when seeking to upskill themselves, and we can only be highly satisfied with this endorsement. We also know that, beyond rankings, we have a reputational value that strengthens our place as a reference point in education and training. The certification that we have received over the years and our ever increasing network of companies with whom we work, set MIP apart for its excellence in the field of lifelong learning, and a safe haven for those who, with reason, believe it to be a cornerstone for competing in a challenging market.”

The Financial Times also acknowledges the quality of the individual programmes taught at MIP, with two Masters advancing in its 2021 rankings. MIP’s MBA (Master in Business Administration) now in 34th place and EMBA (Executive Master in Business Administration) in 54th place, have climbed up by four and two places respectively, compared to 2020. In the Executive MBA, there is an improvement in the FT’s evaluation of the parameter Salary Today / Salary Increase, which compares the amount paid to managers three years after taking MIP’s EMBA against their pre-Master salary. On average, the salary of an MIP EMBA alumnus/a rises by 53%.

In the Financial Times top 10 ranking for business schools in the MIP “model” alone, meaning those that are part of a technical university, Politecnico di Milano’s business school is placed immediately behind Aalto University (Finland), TUM School of Management (Germany) and Institut Mines – Telecom Business School (France).

MIP’s educational portfolio of excellence covers about 40 Masters, including 7 MBAs and Executive MBAs, 200 open executive programmes and a series of training programmes customised for companies.

Bloomberg Businessweek MBA Ranking: our Full Time MBA on the list

Our Full Time MBA has been confirmed among the best MBA programs in Europe by Bloomberg Businessweek MBA Ranking.

For this edition, Bloomberg Businessweek ranked 119 MBA programs around the world, based on 19,955 surveys from students, alumni, and recruiters.

For the first time, a diversity index has been included, rewarding schools for recruiting both minority students and women, with additional weight given to underrepresented minorities.
In order to capture key elements of Business School education, this ranking evaluates also compensation, learning, networking, and entrepreneurship.

It is entrepreneurship the index in which our Full Time MBA scored the best, confirming the attention that our School gives to entrepreneurial skills and how much we encourage and support students and Alumni to create their own business.

Moreover, we are pleased of this result because this ranking comes also from the opinions of graduating students and recent alumni. The best judges of MBA programs.

Thus, a great “thank you” to the three cohorts of Alumni and the MBA students who joined the survey sharing their experience.


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The School of Management of Politecnico di Milano once again among the world elite in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking, with its programmes standing out for Employability and Return on Investment

The specialist educational programmes at MIP Politecnico di Milano, the Graduate School of Business at Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management, are again ranked among the best in the world. This year, the International Master in Digital Supply Chain Management (iMSCPM) has retained its 7th place globally out of 62, according to the QS Business Masters Ranking 2022, published today by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), the global consultancy company specialising in higher education, which examined 600 Masters. This Master takes 4th spot in Europe for MIP Politecnico di Milano. The Milan-based business school joins other rankings with its Specialising Masters in Marketing (32/105), Management (37/155), Business Analytics (43/120) and Finance (65/179), where it has made improvements compared to last year and gained substantial stability, and in some cases evaluations above the world average.

As well as its classification for Specialising Masters, QS has drawn up a ranking of the best Global MBAs, where MIP Politecnico di Milano is in the top 100 globally, with its Full-time MBA in 88th place out of 286 Masters from 45 countries across the world. In Europe, MIP is 29th out of 73 programmes. MIP’s Master stood out in particular for its excellent level of Employability, evaluated after interviewing 54 thousand recruiters worldwide, and for its Return on Investment (ROI).

Vittorio Chiesa, President of MIP Politecnico di Milano commented: “The fact that our educational offer continues to hold its own in this accredited international ranking is certainly a source of pride. At the same time, it will urge us to press on with improvements, so that our Masters can always respond to the needs of new graduates and managers with established careers, working in many different industries. Trusting QS to assess the quality of our MBAs and Specialising Masters means that we can measure ourselves against hundreds of business schools around the world in a range of aspects, including the scientific quality of the faculty, the students’ career progression, class diversity, just to mention some of the most relevant”.

In its Master in Supply Chain, MIP was again able to shine among the best in the world for Employability, as well as for Value for Money. Considering these two indicators alone, the Business School in Milan is in 5th and 6th place in the world, respectively, demonstrating the excellence of its educational programmes. The International Master in Digital Supply Chain Management – Operations, Procurement and Logistics targets young graduates interested in discovering more about the various management topics linked to the operations and supply chain sector, with a particular focus on technological innovation and sustainability.

Federico Frattini, Dean of MIP, added: “Our result is even more impressive if we consider that, over the years, more and more business schools have joined the ranking, and it brings even greater value to our accreditations awarded by the main international bodies. We, therefore, intend to share this acknowledgment with students, alumni, professionals and companies that together form a vast international community in daily contact with our School, and is a primary resource for MIP”.


Information on all MIP’s Specialising Masters and MBAs are available at this link:

Go to the QS Rankings 2022 here.

Our School placed in the top 40 for its International Full-Time MBA in the 2021 Expansión Ranking

Our International Full-Time MBA is placed 29th in the world in the latest rankings by Expansión.

If we analyse the parameters used in the rankings, we can see that our programme performed particularly well in the area of salary increases. Indeed, compared to last year, the average increase in an MBA student’s salary is about 13%.

This ranking is based on a student survey and takes into account variables such as career advancement, composition of the Faculty, but also GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), the multiculturalism of students, knowledge creation and social responsibility.

Career advancement (25%): this takes into account the average salary range for the most recent generation of students, measured at the end of the programme, as well as the variations in the salary received at the beginning of the programme.

Composition of the academic faculty (20%): this considers the lecturers’ academic grades and is based on the percentage of those who have a PhD.

GMAT score (20%): praxis of the student profile that the business school attracts.

Multiculturalism and territorial diversity (15%): the greater presence of foreign students as a proportion of the total is considered positive.

Knowledge creation (10%): the production of knowledge by the lecturers.

Social Responsibility (10%): this takes the percentage of teaching hours accredited in the programme which are dedicated to issues of social responsibility, with respect to the programme’s total number of teaching hours.

Tommaso Agasisti, Associate Dean for International Relations and Quality says: “This positioning confirms the appreciation of our programmes also in Latin America: being part of our business school means connecting with a wide network of educational institutions, companies, visiting professors and students from all over the world.”

Download the magazine at this link to read the full ranking


The School of Management of Politecnico di Milano takes 73rd spot worldwide and 31st in Europe, as per the Quacquarelli Symonds ranking published today

MIP Politecnico di Milano, the Graduate School of Business at Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management, again rated one of the best business schools in the world. QS Executive MBA Rankings 2021, published today by global higher education consultants Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), lists MIP in 73rd place out of 176 business schools worldwide for the outstanding quality of its Executive MBA, and it tops the list in Italy. In Europe, MIP is placed 31st out of 60 business schools. This year, QS has included the highest ever number of schools in its rankings, 35 more than last year, so this achievement is even greater, and the School has been firmly in the rankings since it first made its entrance in 2018.

On analysing the individual parameters used to determine the rankings, MIP has improved its score in employability and post-MBA salaries. The score given by QS in Career Outcomes (Promotions and Salary Increase) confirms the efficacy of MIP’s programmes in accelerating the professional growth of managers and entrepreneurs. MIP’s internal surveys show that, in 75% of cases, having a Master can lead to promotion, and post-MBA salaries rise by about 50% after three years. MIP also scored well in Diversity, and compared to 2020, more students from different nationalities are now studying at Politecnico di Milano’s Business School.

MIP’s Executive MBA also stood out for Employer Reputation, at 43rd place (19th in Europe) and for Thought Leadership / Academic Reputation, in 74th place (31st in Europe). The first of these categories measures how tens of thousands of employers in companies across the world rate the programmes, and the second measures the reputation of an MBA programme, according to the national and international academic world.

In the words of Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini, President and Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano, respectively: “The continuing inclusion of our school over the years in authoritative rankings such as the one published by QS is a formal endorsement of the high quality of our programmes, in this case our Executive MBA. The professionals and managers who take our courses understand that upskilling and reskilling are essential to help them emerge in today’s continuously advancing job market. The excellent results achieved this year in the QS Ranking are a great source of pride, especially as they underline the value of our reputation in the eyes of employers from across the world. The name and strength of the MIP – Politecnico di Milano brand are key elements in attracting all the many professionals who wish to invest in their lifelong learning. In the past few weeks, we have welcomed 80+ new participants to our Executive MBA lecture rooms, from a variety of positions and industries.”

Go to  www.topmba.com to see the complete QS Executive MBA Rankings 2021.

Politecnico di Milano School of Management ranks in the top 100 for its Global MBA in America Economia rankings

Politecnico di Milano School of Management’s Global MBA ranks 32nd in the world in the latest rankings by America Economia.
Among the criteria evaluated by this ranking there are also “multicultural experience” and “innovation”.  Indeed, for one of these key attributes – innovation – the program recorded an impressive score of 81.7.
This ranking recognizes our MBA’s strong global position, but also the technical and professional dimensions that help establish its strong , reputation within Latin America.
Moreover, this ranking is unique as it focuses on the strength of the Alumni Network within Latin America, taking into account variables such as, job offers, changes in position and responsibilities in a company derived also from having obtained the MBA.
America Economia recognizes Politecnico di Milano School of Management as the leading Italian Business School for Latin American Students and indeed across the globe.

CEO Magazine’s Global MBA Rankings

Once again, Politecnico di Milano School of Management MBA programmes have been ranked in the CEO Magazine’s Global MBA Rankings.

This year scores have been expressed as an average based upon data received over a four-year period (2017-2019/20): at a worldwile level International Flex EMBA and the FLEX EMBA are respectively ranked  13th and 23rd, the Full Time MBA is included in the TIER ONE while the Executive MBA is ranked 70th.

Since 2012, CEO Magazine has been showcasing top business schools in its annual Global MBA Rankings, profiling MBA, Executive MBA and Online MBA programmes.
This year CEO Magazine reached out to business schools across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the BRICS, and ranked data from 180 schools, offering 338 different programmes in 27 countries.

The ranking system is weighted towards fact-based criteria, like – among the others – the quality of faculty, international diversity, delivery methods and the professional development.


The School of Management of Politecnico di Milano retains its top 10 position for the third year running

MIP Politecnico di Milano, the Graduate School of Business belonging to the School of Management at the Milan-based university, takes 6th place globally for online MBAs, and is the top-ranked business school, with its International Flex MBA, the School’s Master in Business Administration taught through distance learning. In Europe, MIP is up to 5th place.

MIP’s position has been recognised in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Online MBA Rankings 2021, the annual classification of distance learning courses consulted across the world.

MIP Politecnico di Milano remains the only Italian business school listed in the ranking. It was first included in 2018, at 20th place; the next year, it joined the top 10 and has never left. Additionally, the QS ranking for 2021 lists more business schools than ever before, 57 of them in total, meaning that MIP’s achievement this year is its best ever since it entered the ranking.

MIP’s International Flex MBA, taught in English, was launched in 2016, and is taught via an innovative platform developed in partnership with Microsoft. It is the English version of our Flex MBA, the first MBA in Italy to have embraced smart learning at its debut in 2014 when it was included in MIP’s programme portfolio. More than 550 students have studied for one or other of the two MBAs over the past eight years, and enrolments were up by 35% in 2020 alone.

In the words of Vittorio Chiesa and Federico Frattini, President and Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano, respectively: “We are proud and honoured to be once again included at the top end of the prestigious QS Online MBA Ranking. This is a superb result and confirms the importance of investing in digital innovation. MIP Politecnico di Milano utilises the most advanced technologies in its online teaching platform developed by Microsoft. It offers the professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who take its courses both the flexibility they need to balance study and professional commitments and a varied selection of high-level courses that dovetail with a wide set of experiential learning opportunities. As part of our courses, we offer lectures given by our partner companies and bootcamps where participants can test out their newly learnt skills, underscoring the value of our MBAs”.

If we analyse the parameters used in the ranking, we can see where MIP Politecnico di Milano performed particularly well. In Class Experience (including percentage of physical meetups, regular synchronous classes, access to a learning app on a mobile and/or tablet, and 24/7 tech support), our International Flex MBA is rated third in the world. We are in fourth place for Faculty and Teaching and in sixth for Employability.

In the QS top 10, MIP is ahead of Indiana University (USA) and on the heels of Alliance Manchester Business School, separated by just one percentage point (0.10). IE Business School (Spain) is still in the lead for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Imperial College Business School (UK) and Warwick Business School (UK).

MIP’s International Flex MBA is inserted within an educational portfolio of excellence, joining about 40 Masters, including 7 MBAs and Executive MBAs, 200 open executive programmes and a series of training programmes customised for companies.

Click here for the QS Online MBA 2021 Ranking.